Research & Development

As a technology driven enterprise and backed by technocrats as its pillars, Kalinda has laid great emphasis on the research & development aspect.

Kalinda understands the criticality of developing new products to be ahead of the competition and providing better efficacy drugs at an affordable price to the masses.

The ceaseless efforts to develop products by using Optimized Drug Delivery – ensures greater potency & effectiveness, lesser side-effect & toxicity levels, better stability, low cost hence greater accessibility , ease of administration and best patient compliance.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Kalinda is one of the top producers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and enables innovators and generic pharmaceutical company.

It develops innovative, safe, environment-friendly and cost-effective global technologies to deliver high quality APIs. Research and development of APIs is based on advanced technology, intellectual property expertise and knowledge of regulations. Product development is geared towards quality, safety and efficacy of drugs on target populations.


Kalinda ventured in to the arena of biologics drug development in a focused manner with a well-defined strategy. A state-of- the art research laboratory at our integrated Research Centre houses latest equipment for process development and analytical characterization of highly complex biological drugs.

Analytical research & development

Analytical Research and Development involves pre-formulation, stability and degradation studies on APIs and other drugs, and preparation of technical dossiers for registration in India. The Analytical Development team provides specific services to various departments.

Formulating an Herbal Drug

All herbal formulations at Kalinda find their roots in classical Ayurvedic texts. A team of botanists and Ayurveda experts at our R&D center review these scholarly texts and shortlist suitable herbs for further research. The availability and sustainability of these herbs are first ensured before research is initiated.

Kalinda's phytochemistry team studies the geographical and seasonal variations of marker profile of these herbs. Active markers within these herbs, which are responsible for its therapeutic property, may vary depending on whether they are cultivated or sourced from the wild. Phytochemical profiling is established from different seasons and geographical locations to ensure batch-to-batch consistency, good quality and standardization. The quality of herbs is further maintained either by cultivating herbs under supervision of agricultural scientists or by practicing sustainable collection and harvesting practices under the supervision of trained botanists (in case of herbs sourced from the wild). Herbs have to further pass through stringent quality checks as per internal specifications laid out by our scientists.

With a focus on taking herbal research to new levels, Kalinda Health care's scientists have adopted bioassay guided fractionation and purification technology to identify the active fractions. This ensures that the herbal preparation is standardized and formulation has required levels of bioactive compounds to elicit the pharmacological response. This technology will continue to help in identifying phytoactive principles responsible for efficacy, synergy and bioavailability. Kalinda Health care’s scientists are leveraging this technology for innovative treatments of ailments including cancer, male & female infertility, cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmologic conditions, chronic illness, weight management, hair care categories.